As i ride up 6th Ave, i cut from the east side to the west side of the street.
Pass 2 delivery guys with food baskets.
Im at 22nd st and i can see the light turn yellow at 23rd.
i gun it.
3 cars form the light, it turns red, . ,,, and the people start to move.
I shift into the center lane,, still gunning it.
i look right,, and there are 2 pedestrian stragglers...(human shields) ,, holding up the west bound traffic.
I look left, and a hoopty is already in motion.
I blast out of the stopped puddle of cars, squeeze through a euro family,,,
and head strait for the hoopty's tail end....
Thinking,,("dont slow down,,dont slow down")
my front wheel passes 10in from the bumper.....
As it passes,,, i cut the bars hard,,almost to try to hit the car,,, but end up right behind it,,,,
Lock up the legs and skid,, while peering around the hoopty to see if the cars are moving...
They, just, started,
I cut left, hard enough to lift my front wheel... and push it through the cross hairs of walkers in the intersection.
no one really even noticed,,,,ahhhhhhhhhh

New GoPro swing arm....